Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A True Story about my Life

This is all about my life. Let me introduce myself. I am Sohel. At present working with a lighting company as a Business development manager in DUBAI. Born in 1989 in a native village in Bangladesh.
Everything was going fine until we didn’t get a shocked news. It was 2009 Ramadan. I  just wake up to have Suhoor. My other brother and sister was sleeping. My mom was praying. I just went to the washroom to wash my face my phone was ringing, I just go out from the washroom and receive the phone. From another side one of my cousin_ how are you? I just say I am fine what about you? But I was shocked why he is asking like this at this time he never calling at this time. Then he asked me have you talk to your dad? I just asked why what happened to my dad?? He becomes silent, I ask again what happen to my dad?  He slowly tells me that police Arrest my dad  last night. I am unable to talk after few second he cut the line.

My dad. As per I heard from my grandma he is a struggle man. A hard worker I have ever seen. He born in a poor family. He didn’t complete his education because of Financial Problem. He starts to work in a shop in Chittagong city in Bangladesh. He tried to contribute whole family. But is was not enough for a family. Later on he got married. Than our family. From when I remember about my dad he becomes a businessman. He starts his own business. He was doing good but unfortunately he joined with a political party. He isn't given enough time to his business most of the time he busy with politics. Day by day he loses everything. Then he starts job again to support the family. But a salesman in a small shop, how much can earn per month in Bangladesh! So the same thing is not enough for our family. He changes his job so many times but no way. Later on he decide to go abroad. In that I was in 10th Grade. He was trying to get a UAE visa. After a 6 month one of his friends gives him a visa. Before my SSC exam he left the country. He came to UAE.

He started a JOB in UAE. But we don’t know what was his job. He was not well educated and no skill as well. After that also got a job. And start to send money. Like this 4 years he didn’t go home. After 4 years he resigns and he gets a new job. Then come to Bangladesh. 3 months he was at home. Then he went to UAE again with a new visa. New company new job. Salary also increases. But this time his face a big problem. His medical report didn't succeed. His sponsor told him to go home again because of medical problems. But he knows there is no way to go back to home. Our whole family was depending on him. He doesn’t have any other choice he runs away from his sponsor. He becomes illegal. No passport , no visa. Later on he got some job but he should hide from the police all the time. But he didn’t stop to sending money to the home.

At the mid time My HSC also finished. Till I was in the village. There is  no university in the village. I just came to the city with my cousin. Starting to stay with him in a bachelor's room. He was helping me a lot as he knows about our family situation. I was Waiting for University admission. I ask him where I will admit. He just told me that if you take admission in public university it will take so long time to complete your degree because of session jam. Better take admission in a private university. I ask him private university tuition fees is so high. How we will contribute? He said no problem just 4 years. Finish as soon as possible and get a degree. He wants to me to complete my graduation. Because he was unable to study because of money. At least he wants us to be educated. Then I take admission in a private university. Then I ask him to give me some extra money because I wanted to get some computer courses. Then he gave me some money I ‘we started Computer course besides my study. At first semester in university I face a lot problem because I don’t know the culture of the city. 
Everybody from city except me, I am from a native village. They are damn smart. I am nothing. Even I don’t know what is Facebook at that time. One day I ask a friend what is Facebook. He told me what you will do with Facebook? You will not understand. I was not upset. The same day I went to cyber café. After 2 hours I was successful to open a Facebook account. But don’t know how to upload profile picture. Again next day I ask him how to upload profile picture. Again he refuges. Again I went to cyber café and I’ve done it. Later on I was so called machine man. Strange? Why machine man?  After 6 months I have completed two courses in computer. I know most of the things about computers. I know how to operate the projector and all other gadget. Better than them. I am the one who makes all call presentation for them. But I never refuges them. Because I believe if I will tell them more I will learn more. I want them to come to me. I want to show them I am villagers but, villagers can do as well. My semester grade was not very good. But I was an active student. I got some very good female friends as well. Who is helping me always. Everything going very well in my university until that Ramadan.

Unfortunately he caught by police that night. Nobody knows where he is, 15 days we didn’t get any information about him. After 15 days he called. I asked him what I will do now? Should I leave my study? He told me never do that. Everything will be fine. As soon as possible I will come home. But I was worried because of family income. How we will contribute this much expenses. Almost 1 month after he deported to the country. No money but a lot expenses. We were in the problem. I was unable to pay my tuition fees. I inform to all of my friend and teacher that I can't continue. I inform to all teachers that I can't pay tuition fees. And this is a private university. Later on they decide to give some waiver but that also not possible. If I want to continue my study my other two brothers and 1 sister education will stop because of money. Then finally I decided to leave my study. My dads want me to continue at any how but there was no any way to continue. I am trying to find some job. I got an offer from a computer training center as a trainer. They’re giving me a daily payment. It was great for me. I can help at home. But they don’t have class every day. Only 3 days per week. After that also I was trying my level best. After that, I was unable to solve the problem. At the mid time I joined an interior company as a designer. After a month they sent me in another city for a project. After few days my mom called me and saying she was sick. My dad also called me he and telling that doctor told to admit in hospital her situation is not good. I was so worried. I just finish my all work within one day. Then I leave that city. I came to the hospital directly. Then I heard that doctor decide to make operation because of some problem in her stomach. We don’t have money besides, she admitted in a private hospital. Later with my uncle help us to pay hospital bills.

Then I decided to come to Dubai. I give my passport copy to everybody to get a visa for me. I asked so many relatives to give me a visa. But nobody gives me a visa. Everybody makes some dramatically excuses. I asked them at least a visit visa. After a few days, they are telling Dubai visa off to Bangladesh people. I didn't lose any hope. I was trying to contact some agency and thru friends. After 2 months, one of my dad’s friends called me and asking my email cause he’ll send me a RAK visit Visa.  He sent visa but how I will come? I don’t have money for ticket and dollar. Nobody willing to give me a money because we don’t have any income. Later on one of my aunty come to help me even though she doesn’t have enough money to help me. Her husband gets some money from his friend and my aunty sell his all gold. Then she gives all money to buy tickets and dollar.

It was 20 February 2012. I arrived Sharjah at 11 pm by Air Arabia. One of my uncle goes to the airport to pick me up. Then, I came to their home in that night. When I enter the room I was shocked, 10 people in a small room, No kitchen. Just need to cook in outside of the room. No attached bathroom. The bathroom is 200 meters far from the room. 8 bathrooms for almost 500 people. Morning when I wake up nobody in the room. Everybody left. Then, I went to the bathroom. People waiting outside to use the bathroom. After 10 min waiting I got a chance to use the bathroom. I just take a long breath and remember with my family. I just think that nothing to do. I have to find a job at any how and need to leave from here as soon as possible. I remember about my dad he told me something. Firstly, go to supermarket get the newspaper. Mark all suitable jobs. Then go to cyber café sent the CV. So I go out to get a newspaper. In front of room there is a supermarket I asked a newspaper. He asks, are you new here? I asked why? He told me in here there is no newspaper. Nobody reading newspaper here. If you want newspaper you have to go Madina supermarket. You have to walk 1000 meters almost.  When I go out, I find out that this place is an industrial area. This is all being a labor accommodation for factory. What to do! I start to walk. Then I find Madina supermarket and get a newspaper. Then come back to the room. And starting to mark suitable job for me. Then again, go out to find any cyber café. I walk almost 10 min then I find a cyber café that also close for maintenance. Again start to walk after 10 min walking I got another cyber café. It's too far from the room. But nothing to do. I spend some time in cyber café and apply in some job as well. Then again after a long walk-in I came into the room. When I reach room everybody came to the room to have lunch. They are asking where I was. Why I go outside still I don’t know anything. I should not go out like this. I just laugh at them. After taking lunch some rest. In that  day I didn't go anywhere. Next day go out again want to walk and want to see. I see some high rise building from the industrial area. I just start walking on the way to high rise building. After 1 hour walking I find out Sharjah City Centre. I was feeling so happy. I went inside and look around the shopping mall. I was there almost 2 hours. Then again start to walk when I came to room everybody came to the room to have launched like yesterday. Again my uncle asked where I was then. I told them I went to the Sharjah city center. He looks at me and told are you kidding me. The Sharjah city center is so far from here. How you go there. I told him I walked. He jut look at me. I know he is angry. He just feels insecure about me. Because I am new.  Than everyday same thing taking newspaper apply a job. After 7 days I got a call from a Real estate company in Ajman,  asking some question. Later on got another call from a Dubai based company. He wants to see me and want to take an interview. I told them that I am new here. I don’t know any places. Then they asked me where I am. I just told them that I am in the Sharjah industrial city. Then they ask if I know the Sharjah city center. I said yes I do. Then they fixed a time for an interview. I went there by taxi. They take my interview. Almost 1 hour. They confirm me as a designer cum marketing executive. After that they offer me 2000 AED salary, accommodation and  sales commission. I just told them need some time to decide. I don’t want to decide because it was my first interview I want to take some more chances. Then I told them I will inform them if I am agree. Then I came to him and called to my mom. Told her that I got a job offer. Then I asked her I want to wait for some more chances. But she wants me to join as soon as possible because of family problems. She just reminds me about the family situation. Then next day I called them and told them I am agree. Then they said that they will make offer letter and they will collect all of my documents in the visa process.  After 3 to 4 days the company owner picks me from Sharjah. Then he brings me to international city in one cyber café. He told me to sit at a computer. I just sit there. He just told me that wait here I'm coming after a few min. I waited there almost 2 hours. Then he comes. And ask me to open MS word and make an offer letter for me. I just make an offer letter like simpler than I shown to him and ask him about the salary. He told me the same amount as he told me in an interview. Then I asked him what is the percentage of sales commission. He told to just write sales commission no need to mention percentage. I just make it as per he told. And he makes it stamp and give me a copy. I asked him about my visa. He told he had some documents works. He will finish first then he will give me a visa. It can take 1 week. Then he drops me at home. I told to everyone that I got offer letter today. Everybody happy as I get a job so early.  Then I just stay at home. Sometimes he went to Sharjah to pick me and drop me cyber café. Then he goes somewhere coming after a few hours. If I ask about visa he just ignore. Like this 15 days finished after getting offer letter. But no news about visa. I told him I am here with 1 month visa only. I have only 7 days more. If you can't give me visa tell me now. He tells no problem don’t worry you will get the visa soon. When I came back to room everybody asking what about visa it’s a long time why he is not giving me a visa. I just told them what he told me. But they are worried. Another 3 days finished I didn’t get the visa. I have only 3 days more. I understand he will not give visa within this 3 days. Then again I called to a friend of my dad to extend visa in time. Then he takes my passport and he extends another one month. Again, waiting for visas. He gives me some paper. And told me that I apply already your visa you will get soon. Like this another 30 days finished. After 2 days I have to leave the country or I have to pay fine. Finally day of 60 I got my visa copy. Then I went to Muscat and change my visa come back to Sharjah again.

A new life started. After two days he picked me again from Sharjah bring me again that cyber café. I asked him why here? Why you always bring me here? Where is your office? He just tries to ignore. Again and again I asked him about the office. Then he told me that he doesn’t have any office yet. He just opens this company 1 years back. He wants to do something good that’s why he hired me. Again I am stuck. I afraid, worried about my family. If his company is like this how he will give me salary on time. If he can't give my salary on time. I can't send money at home. Everybody waiting for me. Then after a few days he brings me one bachelor room in Satwa. He wants me to work in that room. He wants me to sit in bed and give me small table for work in a laptop. I just want to cry. Which type of job is it. But, I can’t do anything. Always trying to remember about family and stay strong. In that room there was another 3 staff. Same company. Other people working in some other company. Every day I have to go into that room and have to work in that room. My room was in the Sharjah industrial area. To Get Bus in Dubai I have to walk around 20 mins. Every day is waking and coming to Satwa. If evening sometime he drops me home. I was tired like this. I told him I can't continue like this. Then he wants me to come Satwa room. Then I transfer to Satwa room. But start to facing another problem. All people in that room from Tamil & Kerala. Their food and my food are totally different. But what to do I have to survive. Every day morning wake up and start work on laptop.  Time going like this. Sleeping, eating, working in the same room. He had only one marketing staff but not so expert, so he isn't getting any sales. I asked him if he wants, I can go for marketing. Then he said, ok  go if you can. Then I started to go marketing with another employee. I asked him so many questions about the company. Day by day he is telling all secrets about this company. One day, I asked him how  much his salary. When he told me his salary I just shocked. I thought he just joking with me. But he serious. He gets 1000 basic and rooms. That salary also not getting on time. Every six months he gets his salary. I want to cry in outlet where am I. How I will support my family. I sent a text to the owner that I need salary on time every month. Like this everyday going out for marketing than coming to room and again working on laptop. Time goes on. Facing some new problem everybody always trying to insult me because I am from Bangladesh. In every word they insult me, Bengali people like this, Bengali people like that. I just listen to them. Because I am alone they are 5 to 7.  Months going on. Every month he plays with my salary. Not giving on time. Mom always calling for money. Her giving me salary 15th of the month, sometime 20th of the month. After that also trying to do something for this company.
After few months I told him I can't stay in this room any more. I want to change my room. Then he decides to give me 500 AED for room rent. Then I change room. I came to al Rigga. New room, new place, new people. Start again!  Later on, I think that this type of marketing will not help his business, I open a website. Make a new visiting card. New company profile. Then start to give ads on google via Adwords. Trying to do email marketing. Open a  Facebook Fan page. Now everything is going well. Every month getting more business. And my boss happy and  also giving me salary on time. So, I can send money on time to home. Now one of my brothers doing diploma in interior design, another brother in college and my sister in 10th grade. Their study also going well. Even now I am getting some new offer from other companies. I am so happy now. I love Dubai. I love UAE. I can contribute my whole family.

Today till here. I am not a good writer. Please forgive me if any mistake in my writing.
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